Probation Jacket Patches

Reflective Probation Jacket Patches

  Probation Officers always get the short shrift in Law Enforcement. Sometimes we are social workers and sometimes we are cops.

What makes things even more difficult is that while we are asked to do more with less, we have no uniform identification that makes us easily identified to both the public and law enforcement.

 In an effort to enhance the safety of our officers, I had these made up  a few years ago, and did it right. These are embroidered Probation patches for the back of an officers vest or raid jacket. Makes  for easy identification of  who is who on a call or scene. Police Officers love to see us clearly identified.

I had them made of reflective material to add a degree of safety to them.  They measure about 4 by 10 inches, and they are thick and substantial, will need to be stitched to jacket or sturdy velcro if you want them removeable. Most dry cleaners will be happy to do  your stitching if you do not wish to sew these on yourself.

Some officers order a second patch to keep on their visor or front dash of their personal cars when doing probation visits. Much less than the cost of a parking ticket! 

Photo of patch in normal office or daylight.

These patches are $15.00 each, plus $1.50/shipping. Paypal is welcome. I myself have been a probation officer for almost 20 years. These patches are for official use only, and professional ID is required for purchase. Angency/Quantity purchases are welcome.  Please email me with your requests or questions at:

I have been marketing online since 1994, you are welcome to see my feedback on ebay under the ID jws755.

Photo above shows the reflective background that aids in identification and visibility

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